hardhatIt’s not often that women consider the construction field as a source of job opportunities. And if they do – they often don’t know where to turn for information. As a way to broaden the understanding of the wide variety of opportunities for women in the construction field, the WCC Student Resource and Women’s Center will hold a panel discussion on Friday April 11th, featuring women who hold executive positions in the construction field, WCC students currently enrolled in the Construction Technology program and Cristy Lindemann, WCC Construction Program Director.

The discussion is part of the “Women In Non-Traditional Careers” series. The panel members include:

  • Laura Spear from Washtenaw Door and Trim
  • Maureen Sloan from Building and Remodeling of Greater Ann Arbor
  • Cristy Lindemann, WCC Construction Program director
  • Olivia Dupree, WCC Construction Technology student
  •  Julie Nixon, WCC Construction Technology student

The discussion will be held from noon to 2:30 p.m. in the Henry Landau Building. A RSVP is required – and reservations can be made by calling (734) 677-5105. Pizza and pop will be served. There is no charge to attend.

The panel members will discuss the topics of sustainable building, construction management and residential and commercial construction. Additionally, there will be a hands-on construction project attendees can work on together. Attendees will also receive specific details about the Construction Technology program and grant opportunities.

“This event is an excellent time for WCC to showcase the Construction Technology program to young women who are thinking about an exciting and growing career path and not quite sure how to access the information,” said Eleanor H. Brundage, licensed professional counselor, national certified counselor, case manager at the Student Resource and Women’s Center. “By coming to this event, they will learn about sustainable building practices, how to manage people and projects and discover career opportunities in both residential and commercial construction.”

The discussion is sponsored by the Student Resource And Women’s Center and Career Services in partnership with WCC faculty.