Dena Blair

Dena Blair

Dena Blair is looking forward to her second year as interim dean of Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences.

“Last year was such a great learning experience,” Blair said. “I was also impressed with the work of the departments within the division and the ways faculty were meeting the needs of our students in amazing, creative ways.”

While there’s a big difference between being a member of the faculty and being a dean, “we’re all concerned about the same thing: delivering the best education possible to our student population,” Blair said.

“We are working to serve the needs of our students, WCC and the needs of the community –– and we’re also making sure we’re growing with WCC and doing the best job we can possibly do.”

One way Blair and the division are meeting student needs is with the new Honors Program that begins this fall.

“The program focuses on giving students a rigorous, intensive program that allows those students who wish to transfer to selective four-year institutions a chance to be even better prepared.”

WCC is receiving applications for the new program daily.

“I think the new Honors Program will dispel some of the myths out there that academic classes at a community college aren’t necessarily rigorous,” Blair added. “This program allows us to highlight the amazing instructors we have here, what it is to be a WCC student and what it means to take a class at WCC.”