An emotional Dorothy Jett (far right) hugs the other speakers on the podium following her speach during an Adult Transitions GED Plus program graduation ceremony. “I’m 53, but I finally did it,” Jett told those in attendance. | Photo by CJ South

The four walls of Washtenaw Community College’s Towsley Auditorium couldn’t contain the pride and emotion from families and friends as they watched loved ones walk across the stage to receive their GED certificates.

Approximately 50 graduates of the Adult Transitions GED Plus program recently celebrated this important milestone in their lives. And many of them were caught up in the emotion, as well.

“Did you ever have any doubts, fears?” asked then WCC Trustee Dr. Dilip Das. “All that’s gone now. You succeeded! Use this as a platform to make it to the next level of success. Don’t let anything stop you from what you want to do.”

According to WCC Adult Transitions Manager Bonnie Truhn, the program is an adult education career pathway program that uses personalized learning to help students 16 and older develop the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a High School Equivalency Credential that’s often referred to as the GED. Additionally, Adult Transitions provides students with the resources needed to make the transition into college or career training.

“The program constantly changes based on the needs of the community,” Truhn said. “We want students to have the opportunity to explore career options and build a network of supportive people who will continue to help along their selected path.”

Several graduates took the podium to address their peers, sometimes emotionally, and share what their GED completion meant to them.

“My first day of classes was strange,” Dorothy Jett said. “After my classes, I told my professors I felt uncomfortable being back in the classroom. They all told me to ‘never give up.’ Remembering those words kept me going. I’m 53, but I finally did it!”

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