Generation Z, augmented reality trigger big changes at WCC

Generation Z expects everything to happen online, immediately. That includes education, or at least the ability to access all the tools and information necessary for their classes. They have also grown up during a time of online algorithms and have grown accustomed to information being tailored specifically for them.

Students overcome struggles to earn GED diplomas

“I thought I was never going to graduate,” said Lawanda Leverett. “It was depressing to not live the life I imagined.” Leverett was one of the student speakers at the Adult Transitions Pathways’ Student Recognition Ceremony to honor the 90-plus non-traditional students who have received their General Educational Development diplomas since July 2018.

Faculty and administration are consistently compiling insights to determine the need for curriculum changes. Sometimes that results in slight tweaks, sometimes in the formation of a totally new programs. Heading into the Fall 2019 semester both of those scenarios are true.

TargetX awarded WCC with a ‘Power of X Grant’ worth $11,376 to fund student success initiatives. The award was accepted by Student Services director Laura Crane at the 2019 TargetX Summit in New Orleans on Tuesday. The grant money — which is funded by TargetX employee contributions — will go directly to the college’s Student Emergency Fund, which is managed by the WCC Foundation.